We specialize in small businesses

Our main goal is to get you the same products and discounts that have, until now, been only available to larger groups with bargaining power. We understand that as a small business owner you wear many hats, may not have an HR department to actively administer or shop your plan, would like a plan that is easy to set up and maintain, and are on a limited budget. This is why we started a company that focuses on you and your needs only!

We take the time to understand your objectives

We take the time to understand your business objectives, culture, and compensation strategy. If needed, we survey your employees to understand the type of benefits that are most meaningful to them. We design innovative benefit packages that fit with your company culture and add meaningful value to your employees while meeting your budget requirements.

We help you educate your employees about the value of their plan

Most employers are frustrated with the sense of entitlement among employees when it comes to employee benefits. With our innovative products you will involve your employees in the decision making process in order to showcase the value of their plans and promote the idea that benefits are a form of compensation.

We reposition your plan to become part of your compensation package

Customize each employee’s coverage based on seniority or performance. You can provide your employees with an industry standard coverage to begin with and increase their individual coverage as they prove themselves. They will value their benefits more and feel more accomplished.

Interesting Facts
of employees would like to be able to choose benefits best suited to their personal needs.
of employees prefer new or additional benefits or perks to a pay increase.
of small businesses offer employee benefits plan.
of employees would switch jobs for a better benefit package.
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